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The Florida Dental Association has resources for dentists specific to COVID-19 response.
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The Dentist Supply Company

The FDA has affiliated with The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC) to offer members a new way to shop for dental supplies.


Welcome to the Alachua County Dental Association

When you join organized dentistry, you become a member of remarkable organizations — the American Dental Association (ADA), the Florida Dental Association (FDA) and the Central Florida District Dental Association (CFDDA), along with your local affiliate Alachua County Dental Association (ACDA). 

ACDA members are a growing group of professionals who serve the ​​Alachua County area including the great city of Gainesville​.

The Power of Three initiative underscores the mission of the ADA, the FDA and its component dental associations to help all members succeed by delivering programs, services and advocacy for members while working collaboratively to maximize value and service, regardless of where the experience occurs for a member.

Understanding COVID-19: From Science to Economics

A Special Webinar Opportunity

This 2 hour course will explore the many facets surrounding Covid-19. The impact of this virus has had an immense impact on not only the world population, the United States, but also many industries, including dentistry. Our educators will explain the history and science behind coronaviruses, the infectious disease process, the organizational and governmental responses as well as how dentists and their teams can navigate this new Covid environment.

Learn about infectious diseases, especially coronavirus
Learn ways to manage patient care during this Covid era
Learn ways to help adapt the dental practice thru a pandemic

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*UPDATED!* Governor’s Plan for Florida’s Recovery

Elective Procedures May Resume on May 4

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his plan for Florida’s recovery, which will allow for elective procedures to resume in a hospital ambulatory surgical center, office surgery center, dental office, orthodontic office, endodontic office or other health care practitioners’ office on Monday, May 4 statewide.

The governor issued Executive Order 20-112, which outlines protocols that need to be met in order to restart elective procedures. This executive order supersedes the conflicting provisions of Executive Order 20-72.

As indicated in the Advisory Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers during COVID-19 Response, dentists are identified as “essential” critical infrastructure workers (see page 5).

Please find a list of FAQs for Executive Order 20-112.

Reopening Guidance

The American Dental Association has released new guidance on reopening dental practices in the form of a toolkit that was developed based on the work of the ADA’s Advisory Task Force on Dental Practice Recovery co-chaired by FDA President Dr. Rudy Liddell. This toolkit is focused on the short-term management of dental practices during the COVID-19 pandemic as providers return to non-emergent care and includes resources such as staff protection strategies, a chairside checklist for working in the operatory, a customizable letter to patients, guidance for pre-appointment screening, in-office patient registration, post-procedure patient exit and much more.

For more information please visit the FDA's COVID-19 webpage.The ​Florida Dental Association is working to be a go-to source for members and will regularly update its COVID-19 webpage and other resources to ensure they’re as current as possible in this rapidly changing environment.

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